Jenny Stocker is an artist and printmaker with studios in Chicago, Illinois and Galisteo, New Mexico.

Artist Statement:

My studies and finished pieces are derived from direct observation. As much as I try to achieve an accuracy in representation, I strive to imbue all my subjects with both spontaneity and personality. Frequently using burlesque dancers as models, with the accompanying atmosphere of eroticism, has been my focus for several years. My work is my impression and interpretation of the figure or the subject. Recently, I have revived my interest in rendering botanical subjects with the same vitality and complexity I see in the models I draw from.

I have found that printmaking gives me the satisfaction of a complex process as it lends itself to my love of drawing. Most often, my chosen medium is the metal plate. With copper for etchings and aquatints and aluminum for lithography, I use line, tone, and color to create my small edition prints. Incorporating delicate materials, such as Japanese papers and silver leaf, emphasize the female form.

Using Format